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We tailor our service to your business

At Raise, we offer a personal solution, built around our platform.

We will take the time to really understand your company, your processes, your policies and, importantly, what your employees think and feel.

We then work with your team to develop the solution that's right for you - from off the shelf resources through to fully integrated solutions.

We're much more than an app, offering audits, training and bespoke content to dovetail with your business.

We then grow with you, offering annual employee reviews and recommendations for progress, training to keep your line manager community up to speed and can even help you promote your business as a family friendly employer.

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The Equality and Human Rights Commission recommends that companies make meaningful changes across these areas, to improve well-being and increase retention:









Why Raise?: Clients

We understand that every business and every employee is different. 

We work to build on, not replace the human relationships that are so vital during this life stage.

We support employees to feel in control and to keep in touch as much (or as little as they wish).

We empower line managers to have the confidence and knowledge to actively support their team as parents and as valued colleagues.

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What benefits will Raise bring?

Raise provides business-wide engagement and retention benefits

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Business Meeting


A personalised parental leave journey to guide you through this life-stage

Tools at your fingertips to provide you the control you need including a 

Access to skills boosts and opportunities whilst on parental leave 

Ongoing support from experts

Our panel

Our panel of 100 working parents with young families discuss the benefits that a platform like Raise would have given them

Victoria Leng, Conference and Events Manager

“I was incredibly anxious about my return to work, making it easy to apply for flexible working and allowing me to request an induction filled with exactly what I needed would have really helped.”

Bea Longmore, Lawyer

“At the start I was kept informed but after a few months I felt forgotten. Providing me the opportunity to be kept better informed on my terms would have been really useful.”

Abigail Barron, Head of Commissioning

“Hearing from senior women in my company who have been there and made it work would have felt very reassuring, I felt so anxious about the impact if would have on my career.”

Zoia Wright, Management Consultant

“A single source with everything you need such as your own dates, policy information and relevant content about things like keeping in touch days which i never used would have been so handy.”

Why Raise?: Clients
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