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Our story

Having experienced the highs and the lows of parental leave, we were inspired to look further and learn more about others experiences’ and attitudes towards it. 

Speaking with hundreds of employees and line managers about their experiences, we heard time and time again from women that it often isn’t additional pay and benefits that they crave, but more communication, understanding and support in re-entering the workplace.

For line managers, many feel unsure or awkward about what to say and how to act throughout this time for fear of repercussion, so are often quite absent.

Regardless of a company’s parental policies, the relationship with and experience of the individuals line manager, plus company circumstance play a crucial role in shaping this important experience, both positive or negative.This is where the idea for Raise was born.

We have a passion for ensuring that parents have a consistent, engaging experience, and positively re-enter the workplace feeling supported and ready to drive employer value. It’s a complete win-win for employee and employer. By improving the experience for both sides - we increase retention, increase engagement and ensure the careers of these potential future leaders don’t stall.

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